New York

I’m in that annoying stage of being in love with New York… the one were you ignore all the warning signs that he/she is a crazy and only daydream about how awesome they are and how happy they make you feel.

It’s puppy love but it’s oh so real!

I went last week with a few friends under the pretense of going to the amazing Ryan Brenizer workshop ( photos of that coming up later) and going to a Juanes concert but in reality I had been wanting to visit in the springtime for a while.

One of my favorite things about New York City is how there is always something new to do. I’ve gone almost every year in the last 6 and I finally made the trek to Coney Island and Central Park.

We also hit up Union Hall, the best-looking bar in Brooklyn I’ve ever been to. It had a library filled with leather-bound books and smelled of rich mahogany ( points to whoever gets the movie reference!). It made me want to sip on some scotch, but I wasn’t man enough.

The American Museum of Natural History was incredible. They had dinosaurs. DINOSAURS! I hummed the Jurassic Park theme song the whole time.


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