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Ryan Brenizer workshop

So last week in my New York post, I mentioned I went to Ryan Brenizer’s workshop. Allow me to elaborate.

I’ve been following Ryan’s work for a long time. He’s seriously an “industry-shaker” in the photo biz as he’s constantly pushing the boundaries of what photography can be.

When I saw he was hosting a workshop the week I’d be in New York, I jumped at the chance of participating. I really wanted to move my own work forward by conquering ( or at least exploring) some aspects of photography I’m not comfortable with, notably off-camera lighting.

The first night was the meet-and-greet with some shooting at nighttime. We went up to his roof and shot the lovely Sarah and the New York skyline.

I would live on his roof just for the view.

He talked us through some technical aspects of shooting with external light sources. Everything from studio lighting to an iphone… I kid you not.

The next day we had some business talk. What resonated with me the most was “Failure by erosion”.

” If you do only what you know and do it well, very well, chance are you won’t fail. You’ll just stagnate and your work will get less and less interesting, and that’s failure by erosion”.


I’ve often thought that complacency was a creativity killer and this just put it in perspective. We also talked about Ira Glass’ video on creativity which you should definitely check out if you have some time to spare.

Later that day we headed to Central park and shot a cute couple.

All in all, the workshop was a very positive experience. Ryan is very open in sharing his workflow and how he creates beautiful images. He did not dissapoint.

The overall lesson was: It’s all about re-inventing the way you use your usual stuff in a brand new way. Not only for your own creative use, but also to offer your clients are tricks up your sleeve.

Oh! I also attemped a brenizer method shot ( uhm, how could I not!). It’s a 9 stitch pano shot with my 85mm.

I love the depth it gives the photo! Almost 3D-ish.
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