Brette + Patrick / wedding at Vizcaya Gardens

There are certain people in this world who exude a certain timeless and effortless glamour. Brette is one of those people. She has a classic yet fun sense of style which is the perfect compliment to her easygoing and warm personality. It’s no wonder she caught dapper Patrick’s eye at a friend’s party. He put a dazzling ring on her finger a couple years later that they designed together.

They decided to wed in Miami and chose Vizcaya Gardens to host their destination wedding. Lots of modern, tropical touches were used throughout their design from the invites to the florals. Patrick was a little jittery for their first look but he was all smiles once he saw Brette. They exchanged vows in a candle-filled night time ceremony and headed immediately to their cocktail hour with mini Moet champagne bottles at hand. Patrick’s mom played classic Swedish songs as guests mingled during cocktail hour and soon Brette and Patrick were dancing to Bill Withers’ “Lovely Day”. And indeed it was!

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Venue: Vizcaya Gardens | Florals: Anthology Co. | Cake: Earth and Sugar | Catering: Bill Hansen Catering | Video: 5801 Wedding Cinema | Wedding dress: Pronovias | Rentals: Unearthed Vintage | Band: The Hit Factory

Brian + Olivia / wedding in Villa Woodbine

If you thought the only love you could find at a Publix deli counter would be a sub, you’d be so wrong.

Brian and Olivia ran in the same UCF circles but only met on a serendipitous day at their local Publix deli. They hit it off and a few years later Brian took Olivia to the spot where they had their first date.

They dreamed of having a wedding in Italy but decided it was more important to have all their loved ones present so they went to the next best thing: Villa Woodbine. The envisioned a whimsical, classic wedding inspired by the mediterranean waters and lemon trees of Capri.

Come their wedding day, we were #blessed with amazing weather and thanks to Olivia and Brian’s eye for detail and the styling gifts of Veronica from Anthology, Co, their wedding vision came to life. Their guests were greeted by limoncello bottles and the citrus theme carried on to the tablescapes. Olivia’s dress along with her bouquet full of daisies were perfectly whimsical.

Their wedding day was filled with lots of laughter and dancing and I’m honored they picked me to tell their story.

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Merari Photography 001Merari Photography 002Merari Photography 003Merari Photography 080Merari Photography 009Merari Photography 007Merari Photography 012Merari Photography 011Merari Photography 010Merari Photography 013Merari Photography 016Merari Photography 015Merari Photography 014Merari Photography 019Merari Photography 022Merari Photography 024Merari Photography 023Merari Photography 026Merari Photography 028Merari Photography 030Merari Photography 027Merari Photography 032Merari Photography 033Merari Photography 034Merari Photography 035Merari Photography 043Merari Photography 044Merari Photography 046Merari Photography 042Merari Photography 047Merari Photography 052Merari Photography 053Merari Photography 051Merari Photography 054Merari Photography 055Merari Photography 056Merari Photography 057Merari Photography 063Merari Photography 062Merari Photography 058Merari Photography 060Merari Photography 059Merari Photography 061Merari Photography 070Merari Photography 065Merari Photography 066Merari Photography 067Merari Photography 069Merari Photography 064Merari Photography 071

Venue: Villa Woodbine | Florals: Anthology Co. | Cake: Cloud 9 Bakery | Catering: Bill Hansen Catering | Video: Chris Snyder | Wedding dress: Monique Lhuillier | Band: 30 Vice

Arturo + Scarlet / Rancho Santana

Arturo and Scarlet were unknown neighbors in LA. He lived on the 14th floor and she on the 9th. After a chance meeting at the clubhouse, they became fast friends. Time flew by and Scarlet moved away, but serendipity brought them together again and this time, they started dating.  After a few years, Arturo proposed in the coolest way,  with a helicopter ride to Catalina Island.

Scarlet, like most of us ladies (no shame!) already had a vision for her wedding day. She knew she wanted to get married somewhere exotic and tropical and Nicaragua, her birthplace, was the perfect spot.

Friend and family flew in from Mexico and all over the States to celebrate. On a warm and sunny Sunday afternoon, Scarlet walked down the aisle hand in hand with her mom and dad. She radiated joy. Arturo smiled from ear to ear and vowed, in Spanish, to love and protect her and sneaked a hilarious apology to his mom for not marrying a Mexican girl after all (“but Nicaragua is close enough, right mom?”)

After dinner and cake, guests were led to the coast overlooking the ocean and were showered by the sparkling light of fireworks. It was magical.

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Nicaragua destination wedding 001 Nicaragua destination wedding 003Nicaragua destination wedding 002 Nicaragua destination wedding 005 Nicaragua destination wedding 006 Nicaragua destination wedding 007Nicaragua destination wedding 004Nicaragua destination wedding 018Nicaragua destination wedding 009 Nicaragua destination wedding 008Nicaragua destination wedding 011Nicaragua destination wedding 013 Nicaragua destination wedding 014Nicaragua destination wedding 010 Nicaragua destination wedding 019Nicaragua destination wedding 020 Nicaragua destination wedding 021Nicaragua destination wedding 023 Nicaragua destination wedding 024Nicaragua destination wedding 029Nicaragua destination wedding 030 Nicaragua destination wedding 031 Nicaragua destination wedding 026 Nicaragua destination wedding 027Nicaragua destination wedding 034Nicaragua destination wedding 037Nicaragua destination wedding 032Nicaragua destination wedding 033Nicaragua destination wedding 035Nicaragua destination wedding 039 Nicaragua destination wedding 038Nicaragua destination wedding 042Nicaragua destination wedding 040 Nicaragua destination wedding 041 Nicaragua destination wedding 044 Nicaragua destination wedding 045 Nicaragua destination wedding 046 Nicaragua destination wedding 047 Nicaragua destination wedding 048 Nicaragua destination wedding 051Nicaragua destination wedding 050Nicaragua destination wedding 053 Nicaragua destination wedding 054Nicaragua destination wedding 056 Nicaragua destination wedding 055


Venue: Rancho Santana | Video: Artisan Production| Invitations: Minted | Wedding dress: Martina Liana | Groom’s tux: Hugo Boss | Band: Grupo Chereke

Juan and Monica / Central Park engagement session

Sometimes serendipity works in our favor and we find ourselves at the right place, at the right time. For Monica, Juan and I, we all found our South Florida selves in the Big Apple on a perfect September weekend. We met as the sun was rising over a near-empty central park. The slight chill of Autumn was in the air and soon we were bathed in glorious morning light. We strolled through the Bethesda terrace, made our way to the mall and ended up on 5th Ave just as the city began to wake up. It was the perfect central park engagement session.

Central Park engagement session 001 Central Park engagement session 002 Central Park engagement session 003 Central Park engagement session 004 Central Park engagement session 005 Central Park engagement session 006Central Park engagement session 010 Central Park engagement session 007 Central Park engagement session 008 Central Park engagement session 009 Central Park engagement session 011 Central Park engagement session 012 Central Park engagement session 014 Central Park engagement session 015 Central Park engagement session 017Central Park engagement session 019 Central Park engagement session 018 Central Park engagement session 020