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Jared & Lauren / Brooklyn engagement session

Jared, Lauren and I met at the Manhattan side of the Brooklyn bridge right before the sun went up. As we casually

Drew & Jen / Manhattan coffee house engagement session

Drew and Jen live in NYC and they wanted to take their engagement photos at one of their favorite hang out spots, maman

Chris & Andrys / Naples engagement session

I drove up to Naples a few weeks ago to hang out with Chris and Andrys at the beach. It was your usual sticky, humid

Dane & Jenn / Biscayne bay engagement session

When two people from different backgrounds who lead different lives meet and fall in love, it’s hard to believe

Stuart & Melanie / Washington D.C. engagement session

Oh, the cold. I hate it. I’ve been too accustomed to the Miami weather that anytime it dips below 75, I run for

David & Maria / engagement session at Matheson Hammock Park

The only worthy occasion to get up before sunrise is the amazing light the sun gives us when it’s making

Carlos & Alicia / Wynwood engagement session

The first time I met Alicia and Carlos we had some coffee and spent a good half hour passionately discussing Breaking

Danny & Steph / a camping session

When Danny and Steph approached me to do an adventure=themed shoot, I probably giggled like a fool. Not only do I love

Mike & Angela / Tree Tops engagement session

Mike and Angela’s connection with each other is peaceful and classic. No bells and whistles here just a