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Stuart and Melanie // Wedding at Fairchild Tropical Gardens

Stuart and Melanie are two of the sweetest people I know. The first time we met we had an in-depth discussion on what

James and Kim // Wedding at the Palms Hotel

James, Kim and their adorable kiddos live across the pond. They decided to finally tie the knot in the States and then

Alex and Brittney // wedding at Fairchild Tropical Gardens

Have you ever met those people that immediately bring a smile to your face? It could be because they’re funny, or

Michael and Lauren // wedding at the Kampong

It’s said that the little things, the details,  are what make the big things happen and that was definitely the

Chris and Colleen // wedding at the Deering Estate

Chris and Colleen has a scandalous beginning. You see, they worked at the same law firm and it was frowned upon to date

Chris and Emily // Ernest Hemingway house wedding

Not many brides get pooped on on their wedding days by a free-flowing bird and laugh it off as amazingly as Emily did.

Erik and Nayda / a soho beach house wedding

As much fun as a huge wedding is, there’s something really special about a low-key, intimate wedding. Erik and

Michael and Angela // wedding at the Deering Estate

Mike is a meticulous person. He’s been my first groom to carry a lint roller! (so smart, by the way). He was very

Fanny and Augustin // elopement in a Costa Rican forrest

I had made plans to visit family in Costa Rica. A cousin was getting married and I was excited to be a guest at a