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Rodi + Eni / miami beach wedding

It was a typical hot and humid summer day and the rain was fierce. I drove to the venue and took a deep breath before

Chris & Andrys / wedding in San Luis Obispo

When I first met Chris and Andrys in Miami they were so excited to have a local small, intimate celebration with close

Carlos & Alicia / Wedding at the Biltmore, CGCC and Comber Hall

On their wedding day as he danced his way into the reception room, Carlos grabbed the microphone and stood next to his

Stuart & Melanie / Wedding at Fairchild Tropical Gardens

Stuart and Melanie are two of the sweetest people I know. The first time we met we had an in-depth discussion on what

James & Kim / Wedding at the Palms Hotel

James, Kim and their adorable kiddos live across the pond. They decided to finally tie the knot in the States and then

Alex & Brittney / wedding at Fairchild Tropical Gardens

Have you ever met those people that immediately bring a smile to your face? It could be because they’re funny, or

Michael & Lauren / wedding at the Kampong

It’s said that the little things, the details,  are what make the big things happen and that was definitely the

James & Beatriz / wedding at the Beach Gardens Hotel

It’s often said that one of the most important building blocks of a happy and healthy marriage is to be really

Chris & Colleen / wedding at the Deering Estate

Chris and Colleen has a scandalous beginning. You see, they worked at the same law firm and it was frowned upon to date