Chris & Colleen / wedding at the Deering Estate

Chris and Colleen has a scandalous beginning. You see, they worked at the same law firm and it was frowned upon to date fellow coworkers. So for a while, Chris and Colleen kept their love a secret. That is, they thought it was a secret because it was obvious to everyone that they had googly eyes for each other. Fast forward a couple of years, an awkward human resources conversation and a proposal later and Chris and Colleen declared their love for one another in front of those friends and family they thought they were being sneaky around. It was a perfect day full of laughter and good vibes.

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Venue: The Deering Estate | Wedding Planner: Flutter Fete | Florals: Ever After | Catering: Egg Whites | Video: Pabelona Studio | Vintage Rentals: Unearthed Vintage  and The Salvage Snob | Band Chillula  | Baked Goods: Clound 9 Bakery