James & Kim / Wedding at the Palms Hotel

James, Kim and their adorable kiddos live across the pond. They decided to finally tie the knot in the States and then make a family trip to Disney World. Win/win!

I have never met a bride so calm and collected as Kim was on her wedding day. She is such a graceful and peaceful individual that she immediately put everyone else at ease. She walked down the aisle with her dad and both her and James were hear tears when their daughter read them her favorite story as the special reading during the ceremony. Since almost half of the guest list was under the age of 5 there were lots of kid-friendly activities. Kim contracted a bunny farm to entertain everyone and to celebrate the  fact that Kim and her daughter were both born in the year of the rabbit. She also provided coloring books and toys to occupy the kiddos while the grown-ups got a chance to catch up. They spent the night dancing to Disney songs and Bruno Mars (who doesn’t love both of them?) It was such a lovely family affair and I’m honored to have been chosen to document it.

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